How can I intergrate myself and participate effectively in Holland ?


Almonte Leclerc was established by a group of migrants specialized in the fields of law, business, and ICT.
Our aim is to offer the best legal assistance by incorporating technology in our services.
We help those with the need to fully establish themselves in Europe.
Almonte Leclerc is an IT platform designed exclusively to help you solve all your legal migration issues.

How does it work ?

If you are planning to travel to Europe for the purpose of living, studying, working, or conducting business; You will need to know EU migration legislation, but also the migrations legislation of the country i.e. member state. Why not consult a migration expert? If you register on our app you will be a step closer to achieving your goal. Book your consultation and let our team of experts guide you through the transcourse of your migration and much more.

Cases we have worked on

Why use our app ?

Because it is FREE and SECURE

Because your consultations are prioritized

Because your inquiries are replied quickly

Because all IND forms are digitally completed

Because all the documents to process your case are organized in one area

Because you can upload and send additional evidences to defend your case at any time

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